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Senior Final Transcript

SENIORS…. You must order your FINAL TRANSCRIPT before your last day of school which is May 21.  You may begin ordering your final transcripts on Monday May 11, 2015.  You will receive the form in your English Class.  If you do not have an English class, the form is available in Guidance or on-line at

WHY…. Your final Transcript is an important document REQUIRED by all colleges.  The final transcript will have your final grades and your graduation date documented.  Be sure to fill out the Senior Final Transcript Form.  The Senior Final Transcript Form is for 2015 GRADUATING SENIORS ONLY; all others use the yellow form.

For more info and the forms click here.


AP/AICE Exam Early Release Authorization Form

This form needs to be turned in ONE week prior to your child’s exam to their AP/AICE teacher. A form must be filled out for EVERY exam your child is planning on coming late to school or leaving school at the completion of the exam.   By filling out this form you do NOT have to call Student Affairs for being tardy or signing out on the date given below.

ap aice sign in sign out
Title: ap aice sign in sign out
Size: 81 kB

Freshman Orientation

Surf School Flyer 2015

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Senior Exam Schedule

Exam Day #1 – May 18th- MONDAY

Period 7 Exam: During Class
Period 8 Exam: During Class

Exam Day #2 – May 19th-TUESDAY

Period 5 Exam: During Class
Period 6 Exam: During Class

Exam Day #3 – May 20th-WEDNESDAY

Period 3 Exam: During Class
Period 4 Exam: During Class

Exam Day #4 – May 21st Thursday

Period 1 Exam: During Class
Period 2 Exam: During Class

FRIDAY, May 22, Senior make up exam day.

Graduation DVD’s


Don’t forget to preorder your very own graduation DVD and relive this memorable day over and over again!

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BC Dual Enrollment Book Return Procedure

All 2nd semester dual enrollment students must return their books to the Broward College Bookstore during the buy-back period, which is from May 1st – June 1st. If students attempt to return books later than June 1st, they will not be accepted. The dates for the buy-back period are firm. If a student does not return the textbooks to Broward College by the deadline of June 1, 2015 an oblligation will be placed on their record.

Broward College bookstore will not accept the textbooks after June 1, 2015, so please return your books before the deadline!

Students who have already submitted their fall dual enrollment paperwork to their counselor may register for fall dual enrollment on June 1, 2015 and there is a new process in place to order the textbooks for fall semester at that time.

VANS Semi-Finalists

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Virtual Instruction Program Open Enrollment

Florida Statute 1002.45 requires Florida school districts to offer a virtual instruction program to students in grades K-12.  A virtual instruction program offers students a flexible option to attend a public school using distance and online learning technologies.  The enrollment window for Broward County students entering grades 6 through 12 opens April 24th and closes September 18th, 2015.

Art Splash


April 23rd – 30th

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Super Testing Days Excused Absence Form

Please click here in order to be excused for any Super Testing Day.  Please check off any day your child is NOT testing and NOT participating in any reviews or practice tests. It is not necessary to call the attendance line if this form is submitted.